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Assure Your Customers

Assure Your Customers

Assure Your Customers

 We help you create better and more accurate tests and assessments. Our data science and statistical expertise support better design, development, construction and operation of your testing and assessment practices. 


Comply With The Law

Assure Your Customers

Assure Your Customers

 We make it easier to comply with EEOC regulations. We will evaluate your products, processes and services to deliver a comprehensive strategy for delivering compliance.  Know the law and know that you comply. 


Improve your Results

Assure Your Customers

Improve your Results

 We work with you to enhance the performance of your products and services. With offerings including analysis, consulting, and training, we can help you attract customers, reduce risk, and increase the effectiveness of your products. 


Get Certified and Share the Results with Your Customers

You have collected your data, we have completed the analysis, your results are excellent.  Show your customers that your tests and assessments meet the highest of standards.

EEOC Employment Tests and Procedures

The EEOC provides guidance on the use of tests and assessments.  You can learn more about their guidelines and the general issues regarding anti-discrimination laws on their website as follows:

ASI data and results are for general purposes and information only.  The analysis and reports provided are Not to be used for legal purposes.  All legal advice and analysis should be done by your attorney. 

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