ASI Certification: Process Steps


Define Your Certification Need

Be confident in using your tests and asssessments.  Our highly trained staff can help you decide which products and services will best meet your business or organization needs.

Prepare Your Data

To conduct and analysis we need data.  Typically the more the better.  Download your data and send it to us.  We will help you with its preparation to assure that your data is usefull in our statistical analysis and data modeling programs. 

Apply for Certification

You are now ready to apply for certification.  ASI offers a number of certified analysis.  Let us know which certifications will best serve your needs. 

ASI Data Analysis

Now it is up to us.  Typically our analysis will take one to two weeks to complete.   

ASI Report and Certification

Upon the successful completion of our analysis you will be issued a report and certificate indicating the statistical methods used and your results.  

We Provide Data Insights and Solutions

 Ensuring the integrity and usefullness of your assessment and test data demands a holistic approach to analysis. Our world-class capabilities, services and data management tools address all the angles. We’ll help you seize opportunities, reduce risks and costs, make smarter decisions, and increase trust across your value and customer network.